Monday, 11 August 2014

JNTU-Anantapur R09 Syllabus for GATE-2015 ;

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Some of the students start the preparation from the 2nd year of their Graduation. They need to classify the GATE Subjects and Topics as per the requirement of the GATE Syllabus. For GATE-2015, the syllabus is being classified from the JNTU-Anantapur R09 Syllabi and is given for you here. The syllabus for GATE doesn't change and hence it will be useful for the Future GATE Exams also. Provide your feedback in "Feedback/Query" form.

Checkout the following Link:
Download the JNTU-A R09 Syllabus for GATE-2015 Document

Quote of The Day 11-Aug-2014 ;

" Success is going from Failure to Failure without loosing Enthusiasm "
                                                                                             -Winston Churchill

Test of The Day 11-Aug-2014 Transformers Test-6 ;

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Here's the Sixth test on Transformers (Machines-1) FOR 11-Aug-2014.

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Download the Transformers Test-6

Test of The Day 10-Aug-2014 Transformers Test-5 ;

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Here's the Fifth test on Transformers (Machines-1) for 10-August-2014.

Checkout the Following Link:
Download Transformers Test-5

Quote of The Day 10-Aug-2014 ;

" The purpose of Education is to replace an Empty Mind with an Open One "
                                                                                                           -Malcolm Forbes