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Competitive Exam Preparation tips by Prof. Shankar, ACE Academy ;

How to prepare for competitive exams (GATE/IES/PSUs)
The basic syllabus for these exams is almost same i.e, Electrical & Electronics engineering subjects. The difficulty levels may be different. The secret of success in any competitive exam is confidence in the subject. Confidence will come with strong fundamentals. I would like to say that fundamentals in any subject are just like a foundation to any building. We all know that if foundation is not strong for any building it will not stand. If we do not catch this point simple questions will also scare us.

Few thoughts on how to gain strong fundamentals:
When you are ready to prepare for any of these competitive exams, do not restrict yourself to anyone specific exam in the initial stage of your preparation. Start like as you are preparing one exam in your core engineering branch (EEE in this case).

Anyone can learn basics of the subject when their mind is peaceful and more important is you should have interest in the subject. Your mind will have peace and can enjoy the learning when you do not have exam tension. So, I can say good time to start preparing for an average student is 7 to 8 months before the exam i.e, when you are in 4-1 semester. Of course, you can start any time after B.Tech also but consider that you need 7-8 months from the time when you started at the cost of 1-2 years break in your career. It is up to the individual.

My sincere suggestion is to start the preparation with a subject which is fundamental for all subjects. Example is electrical networks and mathematics for EEE student. Most important thing is never by heart any formulae just to solve an objective question as same question will not repeat in the exam. Try to learn the definitions of basic laws and their applications in the real time scenarios, derivations, problem solving methods rather than specific numeric problem even though it is objective exam. Now a days, I found that in several interviews, questions are based on these things only.

There are two basic ways to learn the fundamental
1.       Refer standard text books (at least 2-3 for each subject)
2.       Take help from subject experts and then refer text books based on their recommendation
I felt second way is best method for beginner. In this aspect, coaching will play a crucial role in better preparation. Please try to understand one point here, I am not saying that coaching is mandatory but it will definitely help you in time saving and structured way of preparing. More important thing, if you attend classes you will get the competitive spirit by seeing the crowd of people. If you prepare alone in your room, you will not know what is going on outside. Once you get the competitive mood and fire, automatically you will prepare effectively and you can learn so many things from your teachers, friends and sky will be the limit

In the initial stages of preparation (either self or coaching) I will strongly recommend to maintain notes on basic concepts. These notes will be very helpful before and after the exam. Believe me, even in my professional life also if I get any doubt or need to refer any concept, I will refer my UG/PG notes first rather than any text book. In future if you refer your own notes, you can quickly connect to the concept. Notes are my major wealth in my life and I am encouraging you too have nice notes. If you attend any interviews, notes are very useful and will provide quick summary. You need not to carry big & heavy text books

Finally I would like to conclude with two rules:
Rule 1: Never loose time
Rule 2: Do not forget rule 1

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