Thursday, 18 September 2014

Google Calendar - The best ever Remainder for Students ;

Hi There!
Most of the students feel it very tough to remember all the dates and times to do things on / in time. Probably, I'm also one of such students. Google Calendar helped me a lot in reminding the following:
1. Friends Birthdays
2. Online applications starting and Ending dates
3. Examination dates etc,.
Set up the google calendar and recieve the alerts on your mobile on time / in time. I've clearly explained the procedure below.

Step-1:  Open your Gmail account and check for the following Grid Tab. Click on the Grid shown in the following figure.

Step-2: Check for the Calendar Tile and Click it. The tile tab is shown below.

Step-3: Check for the Settings tab and click it to open. The settings tab is as shown below.

Step-4: Check for the Mobile Setup tab and click on it to configure your mobile to receive Google Calendar alerts on your Handset. The following figure gives you an idea of where the tab is.

Step-5: Enter your mobile number in the requisite tab and click "Send Verification Code" tab to receive a 6 digit temporary code on your mobile. Enter the code and get your mobile verified for the Google calendar alerts.

Step-6: After the setup, come back to the Google Calendar and click on the "Create" tab to create a new event.

Step-7: Enter the event and set the date you want to receive the event to your mobile. You'll be alerted 15 minutes before the allocated time. If you want to repeat the event again, you can set its frequency for Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly etc as per your convenience. No need of the Description tab because you are not going to receive whatever the matter you enter in Description box. The above description is as the following figure:

Activate your Google Calendar alerts and Enjoy. ALL THE BEST..

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